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Labor & Postpartum

  • I want every mother to be able to experience a ​natural vaginal birth, utilizing just her mind ​and her body.
  • I will teach you different techniques and give ​tips that should give us that desired result.
  • I will be present in the delivery room or at the ​birthing center, coaching you and your partner, ​reminding you that you can do this.
  • Will talk about natural pain remedies, pelvic ​opening exercises, benefits and risk of the ​Epidural, and many more things to prepare you.
  • During your postpartum period, will talk about ​breastfeeding techniques and the benefits, ​healing remedies, exercise, etc.
  • Signs/symptoms of infection and PPD vs Baby ​Blues.
Human Breast


  • As a lactation educator, I will teach you ​ways to find comfort and joy in ​breastfeeding your baby.
  • I will educate you on the benefits, both ​mental and physical, that breastfeeding ​provides for you and baby.
  • Tips and tricks for increasing milk ​supply.
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Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your ​birthing experience!

I've been working in the OB/GYN world since ​2019. I started in a doctors office working as a ​Certified Medical Assistant/Phlebotomy ​Technician. I have expanded all of that into a ​Doula profession with a side of childbirth ​education and lactation support. It would be ​my pleasure to help you through one of the ​most physically taxing yet rewarding ​experiences.

cma, cpt, cld, cpd, clse

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